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    One can use the system by following steps mentioned below:
  • Register yourself by providing some sort of credentials (such as a name or e-mail address,password and a role) to the system in order to prove your identity. Role can be a doctor or a patient or a clinician.
    • User landing on to the platform can subscribe to any of these three plans mentioned below:
    • DOCTORS($299 per month)
    • CLINICIANS($299 per month)
    • PATIENTS($299 per month)
  • Only after subscribing to any of these plans, a user as a patient can generate a request for appointment for a doctor. Same is for clinician and doctor, they need to subscribe first, so that they can perform their respective actions although system allows one time use for a patient before subscription , patient can schedule an appointment once but after one time free appointment , patient can't schedule another appointment. First patient need to subscribe than only can continue.
  • Patient can generate a request for appointment with a doctor by filling out the form. He can also upload his past prescription from here. If he is flexible with dates other than his preferenced one then he can choose 'Flexible with dates' option and generate the request. While filling out the date for appointment, we are showing doctor's available dates and timings to the patient. If he clicks on a particular timeslot then that date and time will be populated into the appointment date field in the form. From here request goes to the clinician of the doctor he wants appointment from. An email is sent both to the patient and clinician mentioning the appointment details and meeting url clicking on which patient and doctor can start their meeting.
  • Clinician can approve/reject/reschedule an appointment request generated by a patient and add his comments. Those appointments for which patient is flexible with dates, reschedule option is available. On approving/rejecting an appointment request, patient and doctor will be notified with appointment details and zoom meeting url on their email clicking on which they can start meeting on the appointment date fixed.
You will get a link on your email to join meeting with doctor once your appointment is fixed by the clinician. After clicking on the link you can start video conferencing with the doctor. Once you click on the link inside your email to join the meeting, You will get redirect to our video calling app where your meeting will get start automatically. Once meeting start you can communicate with the doctor.
  • User will need to seat still for 30 seconds.
  • Dont move your head for 30 seconds.
  • Allow webcamera access to our app from your web browser, when asked.
  • A 30 seconds video clip will be recorded and sended to server.
  • AI/Ml algorithms are using Photoplethysmography (PPG) which will be used to detect blood volume changes in the microvascular bed of tissue.
  • Detected datapoints are again passed with the AI engine to predict the accurate heart rate.
    We provide services like
  • Heart Rate Detection

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